What the Future of iGaming Holds

What the Future of iGaming Holds

Numerous trends are gradually altering how the iGaming sector functions. These trends center on implementing new technology to increase gaming’s safety, speed, and appeal to a wider audience. Let’s look into them.


Like many other sectors, iGaming is currently experiencing a blockchain fascination phase. One could argue that there is a serious case for the online gambling industry to adopt blockchain technology, even though in many cases it is just a buzzword to draw investors. 

Blockchain is a decentralized, completely reliable database. As the lone keeper of a transaction ledger in a traditional model, an online casino has disproportionate power. With blockchain technology, a shared, unchangeable ledger fosters confidence and gives all network members more power.


In the entire world, there is probably not a single person who hasn’t heard of crypto. Cryptocurrencies have some benefits and drawbacks from the perspective of someone who is receiving payments:

On the plus side,

  • Payments are quick.
  • not subject to government control

The downside includes:

  • Fluctuating exchange rate

Adopting cryptocurrency payments could attract more people who are worried about the government monitoring their spending. Additionally, payments will be made more quickly and without the need for additional bank fees.

Virtual reality

The best option for bringing the gaming experience of traditional casinos into your home is virtual reality. Younger customers tend to connect with this technology the best because they frequently find it more approachable than going to a hotel that has a Casino api.

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How to effectively promote iGaming offers

One of the most well-liked markets for push notifications is iGaming. One of the major marketplaces for push traffic for iGaming offers is called Pushground. Here are some key considerations for developing iGaming campaigns:

Track as much as you can.

Push ads do not provide necessary user information, so it’s crucial to gather this data on your own. This is possible by

  • Using Push Grounds macros (tracking tokens) to pass your tracker or affiliate network as much information as you can in a campaign URL
  • postback or pixel conversion tracking

Keep in mind that the more information you have, the more you’ll understand about your visitors and be able to make more precise decisions. For the best campaign optimization, conversion tracking is necessary.

You can track campaigns successfully with Voluum’s ad tracker because it comes with everything you need. Find out what Voluum can do for your online gaming company. You can find out which sources have the highest rates of engagement by tracking the View Content event in Pushground. In general, a low content view indicates poor performance. The content view metric should be at least 70%, indicating that at least 70% of visitors are fully loading your landing page. Loss of clicks results from lower Content View rates.

Employ retargeting

Targeting particular audiences who have already interacted with your landing page is a good idea. Given that they previously expressed interest, they will be more likely to carry out the final action. The system begins automatically adding visitors to your audiences, after which you can create new campaigns and specifically target (exclude or include) different audiences.

Collect user information 

An excellent idea is to include a form on your landing page to collect the visitor’s email address. Collecting your visitor’s information is essential so that you can contact them later. The main purpose of including such a form on your landing page is to gather leads, but this task is trickier than it seems because people aren’t always willing to share their personal information online, especially in this day and age. Your form will generate fewer leads the longer it is. which means you’ll need to rank the information you want to gather in order of importance. The bare minimum in digital advertising is the name and the email.

Pro Tip: Use bright colors to draw the visitor’s attention and make your form as visible as you can! Put your form above the fold so users won’t have to scroll down to see it. As your primary objective is to compel the user to fill out a form and click the CTA button, the color of the CTA button must contrast with the background and the overall design of the landing page. Ensure that the message is brief and unambiguous. “Claim your prize,” “play online.”

Payout Models

You can earn commissions by promoting affiliate offers in the affiliate marketing sector, as you may already be aware, but the amount you will make depends greatly on your payout model. There are numerous payout models, but the following are the ones we advise for iGaming offers:

  • Cost per action (CPA) One of the most popular payment methods in this industry, it allows you to earn money every time a user performs an action predetermined by the affiliate network. Avoiding clickbaiting tactics is crucial if you want to keep getting high-quality leads.
  • Revenue Share (RevShare). Affiliate networks frequently use this model, which is well-liked for iGaming offers. You will be paid a set portion of the site’s overall revenue from the clients you refer.

Make use of enticing titles and creatives.

iGaming appeals to the less cerebral and more emotional side of us, so your message should reflect this by using impactful visuals!

Titles and Descriptions

  • Use exact numbers: If you are specific—for example, “a # number of spins, a # amount of bonus”—you will win over visitors’ trust.
  • Be direct: The user must understand your message. “Test your luck,” “Multiply your wins,” and “Spin the wheel to win a prize.”


In order to give your creatives more credibility, it is crucial that the images you choose for them match the landing page’s design. There are many options, from spinning wheels to slot machines—really anything that can grab the user’s attention—for taking screenshots of the landing page or searching for images online. There are many free stock images available. It’s easy to find royalty-free images on websites like Pexels. 

Many affiliate networks offer marketing materials in the form of creatives or complete landing pages.

A new vertical is right at your fingertips.

You now possess sufficient knowledge to launch your own advertising campaign. Experience the thrill of entering a new industry or returning to one you know,ady know but with a fresh set of knowledge and advice. One of the few industries with the greatest growth potential is online gaming. The biggest leap is still ahead of us because more and more pro-gambling legislation is being introduced in the US (for instance, since the beginning of 2022, it is legal to place an online wager in New York).