What Does White Label Mean in the iGaming Sector?

What Does White Label Mean in the iGaming Sector

Initially, there was no white label company; instead, a technical team hired experts to build the system platform. White label companies started to appear over time and offered the iGaming industry significant development advantages. Eventually, the expansion of the iGaming industry in South East Asia plays a significant role in the creation of numerous successful iGaming websites.

When setting up your first iGaming platform, White Label service providers are always the first step.

 White Label refers to a system that is fully developed and has a variety of payment gateways and games ready to be integrated for iGaming websites, including betting games like Sports, Live Casino, Lottery, Card Games, eSports, Slots, Poker, and more. 

Their existence could significantly assist practitioners by preventing a great deal of costly trial and error. This implies that the platform will also be prepared for use when it is delivered. A fully functional website with your custom logo, colors, contact information, etc. is provided to you.

What qualifications must one have to offer White Label services?

establishing the site

  1. Domain name, Server

the high-speed, secure network infrastructure (CDN)high-speed, secure network infrastructure (CDN)

  1. Building the Website & APP

creating a fantastic website that works on PCs and mobile apps (Both iOS & Android)

  1. Cyber Security

iGaming sites must operate with stability and a more robust security system to reduce player risk and losses (Defending against hacker attacks, DDOS scam attacks)

  1. Strong Backend System

Report Centre (Big Data Analysis)

Team Management (Easy management on team)

Fund Management (Convenient reading on transaction reports)

Player Management (Integrate player levels & funds report)

Agent & Affiliate Management (Every Agents will have their own unique domain)

Event & Promotion Management System (Personalized management of events & promotions with easy functions)

Multiple Front End & Backend System (Supports multiple languages & currencies)

  1. Integrates Hot Betting Games in the local market (Fishing, eSports, Lottery, Live Casino, Card Games, Slots, Sports Betting)
  2. Strong technical support team & website operation (24/7 technical team on operation standby, ready to solve technical issues)

White Label is able to meet all of the aforementioned requirements! Let’s look at some additional benefits of White Label.

  1. White Label is one of the most reliable white label providers in the iGaming industry.
  2. White Label has many years of experience and has accumulated over 1000+ trust clients from different countries.
  3. Abundant resources to assist clients in building up a successful, smooth & stable iGaming platform.
  4. provides customized solutions to help clients expand their businesses into various Asian markets.
  5. Kzing top-picked customized templates for client’s iGaming site to stand out amongst their competitors.
  6. White Label is equipped with our own Mobile APP & Sports APP, where customer experience is thoroughly optimized.
  7. Supports multiple currencies (including cryptocurrencies) & multiple payment methods

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Is using White Label services required? Or i can do it by myself

Without the assistance of White Label Service providers, starting from scratch could require a lot more time & manpower to build. It is undeniable that anyone could launch an iGaming platform on their own. Also, white Label service providers are outfitted with highly skilled teams who have matured technology and skill sets as a result of their time and experience spent in the iGaming industry.

Find out more about the White Label Company

  1. You could get your friends within the industry to give recommendations of reliable and legit White Label companies.
  2. Browse through iGaming related advertisements.
  3. Enquire more information on iGaming forums.

In-depth understanding of the company background

Company’s history. Before making a choice, you should be aware of a few key factors. As an illustration, consider the company’s organizational structure, operational system, service offering, the dependability of their technical support staff, their capacity and speed in bug fixing, etc. You must choose the most dependable and powerful company after these factors have been compared.

Demo site testing is requested.Demo site testing is requested.

See which companies offer the most optimized back-end functions that have complete systems like agency system, fund system, as well as the big data analysis system, and yet the system is simple to control and manage. Check to see if the demonstration site meets expectations.

Purchase the Best Template Design

The template designs are essential for catching users’ attention and fostering a sense of platform loyalty. If, for example, all White Label companies’ designs are remarkably similar, then your website would not stand out from the crowd. Therefore, when looking at White Label companies, a contemporary, fashionable, and distinctive design is essential.

Get a Price

White Label businesses typically offer a wide range of packages or tailored plans based on the needs and budget of their customers. There is no assurance that expensive White Labels are always the best; conversely, inexpensive White Labels might also be of lower quality. People should not be misled by price alone when selecting a suitable White Label business. On the other hand, rather than focusing solely on price, we should consider a wider range of factors when selecting a suitable White Label business. The elements might include information about back-end systems, great app user experiences, multi-currency 3rd Party Payment Gateways, thorough cash flow data reports and analysis, and others.

Meetup Discussion

Being in the iGaming industry, it is important that we always improve ourselves. Now the iGaming scene is gradually sipping into the South East Asian market. For those who are interested in the industry, it is important to open up your eyes & ears, be patient on selecting the right white label company, then only make your investment!

If you’re looking for a White Label company with GREAT reputation & matured technology, think about White Label! Contact our business manager and start your iGaming website immediately! 

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