What are iGaming’s primary payment challenges?

_What are iGaming's primary payment challenges

An Easy-to-Use User Experience

Creating a user experience that is simple to use on desktop and mobile is one of the biggest challenges in online gaming. This means that the interface should be as aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly as possible.

Quick payments

Customers’ common expectation of instant payments presents another significant obstacle. Any system delays could result in dissatisfied customers, which could increase churn and lower revenue.

Payment costs sometimes run too high.

The cost of payments is a significant consideration when selecting an iGaming payment solution. The use of a payment provider becomes even more crucial in a world where banking fees are rising in order to reduce costs. The situation for iGaming operators is getting worse as a result of banks constantly raising their fees and charges.

Payment execution can be challenging in some jurisdictions

Every jurisdiction is different. Payment processors may find it difficult to serve some jurisdictions when processing international payments for iGaming merchants. For instance, the gambling watchdog in Norway has ordered all local banks to stop sending money to what they refer to as “illegal online casinos.” Due to these difficulties, many iGaming operators have decided not to target the Norwegian market.

changing national laws and regulations

In addition to the fact that it can be challenging to serve some jurisdictions, another major obstacle is the national regulations, which are constantly changing and are difficult to keep up with across various markets. Payment processing and gambling are subject to a plethora of laws and regulations, which ultimately slow down market penetration and growth.

Brands aim to increase consumer loyalty

It goes without saying that a good business relationship is essential for a successful operation because loyalty and trust are critical components in any business partnership. In this situation, processing online payments requires a trustworthy payments partner, of course.

Security and preventing fraud

Any payment processing system must be heavily fortified against fraud given the myriad issues that are currently plaguing the fintech sector, including regulatory, fraud, and scams. There have been numerous instances of hacking and online theft that have brought down businesses. In this context, payment security is of utmost importance.

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Current Payment Solutions for iGaming

the growth of payments for mobile games

The gaming industry is facing more difficult monetization problems as demand for mobile games keeps rising.


Online casinos are using cryptocurrency as a payment method more and more frequently. Instantaneous deposits and withdrawals, low fees, and increased privacy are all available to players.

speedier payments

Faster payments are now more important than ever as the online gambling industry develops. Operators are aware that players expect instant access to their winnings in today’s culture of instant gratification, and brands that don’t enable this are at a significant product disadvantage.

Public Banking

The idea of open banking is another significant trend that is rapidly developing in the gaming industry. Open banking is the practise of allowing customers of financial institutions to grant access to their bank account information to outside businesses for the purposes of data collection, payment processing, or both. Open Banking can be used in a variety of ways in the iGaming industry. For instance, by connecting via API to the customer’s bank account, an online casino software or betting app can instantly deposit money using Open Banking. 

Alternative Payment Methods

Due to the popularity of many of these payment methods in some nations, offering APMs is crucial—even more crucial than accepting credit cards. Numerous well-known companies, such as Sofort, Giropay, PayPal, and more, are among the hundreds of offers. In addition, based on usage data in particular regions, we offer clients expert guidance on which alternative payment they should concentrate on. 


Having the appropriate Payment Service Provider who comprehends the iGaming industry and has a variety of solution offerings is crucial.Having a top-notch payments provider is essential due to the constantly evolving nature of the industry and geopolitical difficulties, such as the onerousness of regulations.