The iGaming industry in Malta

_The iGaming industry in Malta

As businesses compete for space in a booming industry with bright futures, Malta’s iGaming sector is a fun place to be right now. As emerging economies develop at an ever-faster rate, the pool of potential players with readily available Internet access will undoubtedly grow globally. Smartphones are leading the way in giving users the immersive experiences they crave. 

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In a Nutshell: iGaming

Online gambling of all varieties and all forms of betting on the results of events, games, or sporting contests are collectively referred to as “iGaming.” The phrase includes:

with casino games capturing the largest portion of the market. As new technologies advance, consumer preferences shift, and new products and events hit the market, the iGaming sector is constantly changing, with smartphones leading the charge in breaking new ground.

This industry is teeming with innovative concepts, up-and-coming talent, and exciting opportunities, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. EHLION is a partner you can trust to effectively communicate your message thanks to our extensive experience assisting iGaming businesses in producing clear, impactful, and flawlessly localised text for their iGaming platforms.

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The iGaming industry keeps growing.

According to studies and surveys, the global iGaming market is expected to double its revenue between 2019 and 2024, just missing the $100 billion mark overall over those four years. High-tech solutions, user-centered experiences, and easy access to smartphones all contribute to the world’s insatiable appetite for online gambling and betting, with Asia’s exponential growth being the most pronounced. 

China is in the lead on the global stage, producing sales of more than $36,500 million on its own, with Japan and South Korea close behind. Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy all made it into the top ten list of countries with the highest iGaming spending, proving that the European market is also fertile ground for the industry. 

With iGaming accounting for over 13% of the nation’s GDP and bringing in a staggering total of €700 million annually, Malta is one of the first European nations that comes to mind when discussing the industry. This makes Malta the undisputed iGaming capital of Europe.

Let me introduce you to Malta, a tiny corner of the iGaming world.

Malta has been chosen as the home of more than 250 iGaming businesses. Why are you here? The fact that this Western European island is a haven for the industry and has developed Malta’s iGaming sector into one of the most impressive in the world is due to a number of factors. Let’s examine more closely why the biggest names in online and remote gambling travel to Malta:

  • Regulations on gaming and membership in the European Union:

Malta established comprehensive framework regulations on remote gaming as the first EU member state, making it a jurisdiction with extensive experience in the area and a watertight legal framework. As an EU member, this country grants businesses based here the freedom to offer cross-border services, which is advantageous for getting a piece of the growing iGaming market in Europe.

  • Low taxes and fees:

Maltese businesses are subject to a 5% gaming tax on revenue, and with some careful planning, the corporate tax rate can be effectively set at 5%, the lowest rate in Europe. Additionally, the Maltese government offers a wide variety of tax breaks that gaming operators can take advantage of.

  • Flexible, low-cost licencing infrastructure:

The fixed fee of €25,000 for iGaming license fees for B2C businesses is incredibly low when compared to other nations. For holders of “Type 4” licenses, this decreases to €10,000 (defined as providers of controlled skill games such as fantasy sports). Visit the Malta Gaming Authority website for more information.

  • A diversified, skilled labor market:

The Maltese workforce is made up of skilled talent, offering a consistent flow of top-tier professionals across the value chain, from software developers to customer service representatives for online gaming. Malta’s iGaming employment market has never been better.

  • A vibrant, dynamic events scene:

Malta hosts a tonne of iGaming conferences, summits, fairs, exhibitions, and seminars, all of which work together to create a vibrant ecosystem that promotes interaction and boosts the market. For more information on Malta’s must-attend online gaming events, continue reading in the next section.

  • An unbeatable setting and standard of living:

This Mediterranean gem offers an unmatched quality of life with its balmy climate and mesmerizing seascapes, and it has 300 days of brilliant sunshine annually. It offers a stable real estate market, cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure, and a safe, highly secure environment, making it ideal for cross-continent networking. Its proximity to Europe and accessibility also make it ideal. Bliss. However, our goal is not to persuade you to change. Instead, we’ll let this list of Malta’s top iGaming businesses—a brief selection of the world’s most recognisable brands that have all established roots on the island—do the talking.