Five of the Most Popular iGaming Startups

Five of the Most Popular iGaming Startups

As millions of people turned to online gaming as a way to pass the time while the pandemic was still going on, the iGaming industry experienced a significant boom in the last two years. For instance, iGaming generated an estimated $2.62 billion in revenue in the first nine months of 2021, up 145.4 percent from the same period in 2020. Revenue from sports betting increased by 306.5% over the same time frame to $2.74 billion.

Millions of dollars have been invested in the boom as investors try to get a piece of the action. Large companies like DraftKings, a gaming behemoth that recently purchased Golden Nugget Online Gaming Company for $1.56 billion in August, dominate the industry.

That does not, however, imply that there is no room for smaller players. Smaller tech startups have actually experienced exponential growth during this time. We’ll talk about some of the most well-known iGaming startups making waves this year in this article. Our focus is on five of the most promising startups in the iGaming sector out of the many startups available. The five that made our list are listed below.

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Not to be confused with the well-known GameStop, GamStop was established in 2018 and is the biggest and most efficient platform of its kind. Simple is the aim. All you need to do is quickly create an account, and then you can choose how long you want to self-exclude. You can sit back and relax for six months, a year, or even five years.

Once activated, GamStop is very effective. If you have gambling problems or are at risk of developing them, it will be easier because you won’t be able to gamble at casinos with a UKGC license. It is a very well-known and well-liked organization that has been present in all UK casinos and will continue to grow. It should be noted that there are numerous other online casinos operated by Non-GamStop Bets that accept players from the United Kingdom but do not participate in this self-exclusion programme. One of the many reasons GamStop has been so well-liked and why the majority of online gamers find it so alluring is that there are absolutely no fees here.


One of the newest names on the list, this app was created by POGG in 2019. However, it is both one of the best and the most well-liked. Many players have been using this option for months and seem to enjoy it. There is nothing particularly unique about this. The app is straightforward to use, simple to instal, and effective. You will decide on and turn on your self-exclusion. You won’t be able to gamble online after that. There are no significant differences between the app and any of the operating systems. You currently have a nice, alluring, and very significant app option at your disposal.

Brilliant Sports

Yet another recent and young company is Genius Sports. It is a software company with a sports-related focus that was released in 2016. They have undoubtedly been providing software for important leagues and events all over the world. They work with more than 500 organizations globally today, and they are once again present in more than 150 nations. If you enjoy watching sports and placing bets online, you are likely familiar with this brand and all the specifics. Their collaboration with the Premier League, NBA, NCAA, PGA, and many other organizations is one of the reasons they are growing in popularity.


If you need to block online gambling, you have this option as well. It is an app that was introduced in 2015 and is very well liked. The objective is as straightforward as you might think. When a user install the app, all betting and gambling websites become immediately unavailable. It is difficult for a player to uninstall the app and return to gambling.

Numerous other options are available to you, including the duration of the ban. Installing GamBan has a lot of benefits, and thousands of UK players have been using it for months. The app is universally accessible and works on smartphones, computers, and all common operating systems. GamStop is completely free to use, but this alternative requires a payment in order to access the blocking app.


One of those names that you have probably seen a lot of is Thunderkick. They are Swedish software developers, so that makes it possible. They joined us in 2012 and are well known as one of the top game development companies. They have been developing games with the best graphics, the best user interface, and distinctive themes. Due to all of this, the games are very well-liked, and the majority of gamblers consider this to be the best brand in the industry. The brand’s popularity began in 2014, and they are still regarded as some of the best and most well-known. Fortunately, most Casino software, if not all of them, display the brand today. The MGA, UKGC, and numerous other gambling regulatory bodies have granted the brand a license.

Last Words

These are just a few of the startups that were slow and small to begin with. However, these are currently some of the most well-known and well-liked names in the world, and some more will quickly follow suit. Most of them have probably been mentioned to you, and you may have even interacted with some of them. Anyway, now that you are aware of the names that gamblers and bettors regard as being extremely important, well-known, and popular, There are many other brands that are still crucial and important, but they are not included on this list because of brand-related problems or because they were once well-known.