iGaming aggregators exist to make life simpler for operators of online casinos.

iGaming aggregators exist to make life simpler for operators of online casinos.

Every online casino operator is aware that in order to succeed, they must fulfill the demands of their clientele. This entails including games that players in your target market will enjoy, offering payment options in the appropriate currencies, and providing jackpots that are competitive. However, how can they ensure that incorporating these solutions into their platform is simple and seamless? iGaming aggregators are useful in this situation. 

Casino operators can access affiliate programme solutions, payment systems, game providers, and other industry stakeholders through aggregators. Operators can now easily access everything they require for their business. And how does it operate?

What’s the situation with the procedure?

Aggregators assist casino operators in the iGaming sector by giving them all the resources they require at once. They enter into agreements for the distribution of video game content with numerous game development studios, leading to the creation of hundreds of partners, enabling them to offer their clients everything they require in accordance with their target markets. All of the game content from the aggregator partners is compiled into a single module so that it can be easily integrated into online casinos using a single API.

The aggregators then receive a commission from the operator’s margin of revenue (GGR) generated from in-game content provided by the operator. Payment systems, affiliate networks, and promotional tools can all be put together by aggregators after careful consideration and selection, and they can then quickly integrate them into the operator’s platform.

iGaming aggregators exist to make life simpler for operators of online casinos. (1)

Why is this the most advantageous model for operators?

The operator can avoid paying the aggregator a commission by integrating game content directly from the provider, but the aggregation business model has benefits that ultimately pay off:

First, make time.

When working with an aggregator, operators save time by not having to negotiate contract terms with each game provider they want to include on their platform. Instead, the aggregator’s committed legal team handles this time-consuming process. Operators can add games from as many different developers as they like to their platform with the aid of an aggregator while only having to sign one contract. The aggregator eliminates unnecessary paperwork and operator time by offering multiple suppliers under a single contract.

Second, assured technical excellence

By ensuring that content from various game providers is integrated in a single session with a technical API solution, aggregators also save operator technical staff time and effort. The majority of the time, aggregators also address potential technical issues, saving operators from having to get in touch with game developers directly.

Third — Ongoing assistance

Operators also gain the benefit of ongoing assistance when they work with aggregators. In addition to managing accounts and providing technical support, aggregators take care of the platform’s technical issues. Operators will find it more convenient to have a single point of contact for a batch of suppliers rather than a different person for each supplier, which also makes sure that no issues are overlooked or missed.

The project was started to provide the iGaming website operators with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful in their chosen target market. Additional information on what it’s like to work with aggregators is also available in video format here.