How to keep iGaming players coming back 

How to keep iGaming players coming back 

Everyone is wondering how to effectively market your iGaming business in order to establish yourself as a leader in this fiercely competitive sector as the online gaming market is in full swing. A comprehensive marketing plan should concentrate on attracting new customers, keeping hold of current ones, and encouraging the reactivation of disengaged customers who have stopped participating at some point. 

Customer retention is just as crucial as customer acquisition, and as the cost of acquiring a customer rises, it is more crucial than ever to create effective customer retention strategies that will keep your players interested and returning to you. Let’s examine some of the most popular methods for acquiring and keeping customers.


Online gaming businesses use promotions to bring in new clients, keep hold of their current ones, and entice back players who have stopped playing. When launching new games, promotions can be used to pique players’ interest by, for example, offering free plays or free spins. There are numerous common forms of promotion, but the following are the most well-liked:

Bonuses from online casinos or sportsbooks, such as free spins (casinos) or free bets (sportsbooks), different deposit bonuses like welcome bonuses and reload bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, and other incentives that tempt players to register, make a deposit, and play. – Freeplay, which allows players to have fun by playing games for free (usually poker and casino). 

Promotions that offer cash back and reimburse a portion of losses – Frequent Player Points (FPP), loyalty programmes that allow players to earn and redeem points based on their online gaming activity for a variety of prizes.

Customers are becoming “savvier” when it comes to comparing offerings from different companies and have come to expect promotions as part of the standard offering, so it is imperative that you use innovative promotions and provide surprise promotions in order to affect the desired behavioral change.

Keep in mind that the number of savvy high rollers is growing and that they account for the majority of your revenue, so you need to know how to effectively draw in and keep these high rollers. One option is to provide full-time VIP services for your high rollers, which entails giving them benefits like exclusive offers, added bonuses, free event tickets, and a dedicated VIP manager to tend to their every need.

Cross-selling various products can also be done with promotions. For instance, promotions may be made available to players who initially play slots or casino games in an effort to persuade them to wager on sports. Players who use multiple products are more devoted to the business and have a higher lifetime value, so cross-selling is crucial.

Short-term in-game events

Offering in-game activities that reward players for completing specific tasks and entice them to keep playing is a great player retention strategy. Offering players ticket-based tournaments, which enable them to buy tickets and take part in tournaments that are held during a specific period of time (between 24 and 48 hours), is one example of this. 

In order to keep users making deposits and playing until they can receive the final promotion, it is also a good idea to develop imaginative ideas for seasonal events (such as Easter, Christmas, the World Cup, and similar ones) and to offer daily or regular promotions (bonuses, free spins, etc.) with a value that increases over time. If the promotion is compelling enough for the player, it will draw in new users and keep returning users.

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Push notification transmission

Push notifications should serve to remind players of a game they used to play or that something needs their attention, but they shouldn’t be annoying or spammy. This clever tactic should unquestionably be used by sports betting and casino apps to interact with and engage current users. Based on the user’s past betting behavior, some gambling apps alert users via push notifications of upcoming races or games and encourage them to quickly place a wager.

Using game-based CRM systems

Online gaming companies can retain the best players and increase the returns on their marketing investments by using CRM, or customer relationship management. Based on the data gathered about players’ spending habits and general game preferences, it enables businesses to develop closer relationships with their customers and treat players differently. 

Online gaming companies can retain the best players and increase the returns on their marketing investments by using CRM, or customer relationship management. Based on the data gathered about players’ spending habits and general game preferences, it enables businesses to develop closer relationships with their customers and treat players differently.

Affiliate promotion

An online gaming operator and a network of affiliates collaborate on affiliate marketing, in which the affiliate promotes the operator using links, banners, or other types of content on their website in exchange for a fee. There are numerous iGaming affiliate marketing options available today, including: – PPC advertising: For specific keywords, ads appear above and to the side of organic search results.

SEO, which entails creating fresh, pertinent content aimed at raising a website’s placement for particular keywords; community affiliates: promoting a specific website and interacting with players on online forums. In order to keep players returning to your website, they are also used to develop and strengthen relationships with them. 

Bonus sites are websites that reward players with gifts in exchange for their loyalty by using incentives. The most crucial thing to keep in mind when it comes to affiliate marketing is that content is king. You need to offer players engaging content that is both new and useful.

Keeping the big picture in mind and looking for long-term collaborations with trustworthy websites are also crucial. Because it will give you the accurate information you need to effectively tailor profitable affiliate marketing campaigns, an affiliate management platform is an investment you should give serious thought to. 

Spam of any kind (email, forums), as well as black-hat SEO tactics, should be avoided. To sum up, the smaller your online gaming business, the more skillfully you’ll need to use a variety of promotions to draw players to your website and keep them coming back.

Instead of concentrating solely on bonuses and other forms of incentives, try to offer your players a unique experience that they won’t be able to get anywhere else. This is only possible once you have thoroughly researched the market you are targeting, your competitors, and your own market research as a player. 

Additionally, online gaming companies might want to think about diverging from their typical target audience of young men with medium-high incomes and putting more of their attention on luring female customers by better meeting their needs.