Advantages of working in the iGaming sector

Advantages of working in the iGaming sector (2)

One of the gambling sectors that is currently most promising and growing quickly is iGaming. Gambling has always been common, and the switch to real-money online games has increased demand even further. Players can now participate without ever leaving their house and with only a smartphone in their hand.

Online games are increasingly accessible to a wider range of potential players thanks to the active development of technology. In the upcoming years, experts predict a boom in online casinos. This is accompanied by both widespread developments in Internet technology and significant user interest. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic has only increased the number of online players globally, especially in Europe.

More and more people are turning to online betting as a way to relieve stress and tension in the current pandemic situation and its long-term effects on society. It may seem strange, but during the tough pandemic, people didn’t save money out of concern for a potential financial crisis; instead, they rushed to spend money online on items in high demand. Analysts claim that these purchases were not made for necessities but rather for entertainment, like online games. Online platforms will rule the future, according to experts.

Several figures:

  • Hexa Research analysts predict that by 2024, online gambling revenue will reach $73 billion.
  • After conducting research, the Evolution company is certain that Live Casino will soon overtake other forms of gambling as the industry’s primary revenue generator.
  • Only betting comes second to online casinos. Online casinos bring in $11.2 billion annually.
  • The gambling sector expanded quickly, reaching a $250 billion capitalization in 2021.

Advantages of working in the iGaming sector (1)

Why iGaming?

Since the world of online gambling is one of the most (if not the most) dynamically developing industries, working in it not only gives you confidence in the future from the perspective of a win-win material base, but it also enables you to advance professionally while achieving high levels of personal fulfillment. 

Young professionals who have made iGaming a part of their careers develop daily and learn new specialties and abilities that are unavailable to those who remain still. It is an honor to work in the gaming industry. Utilizing the most cutting-edge tools and technologies, these are new horizons. There are significant international conferences where you can exchange knowledge, learn new things, and meet new, ambitious, and active people.

What are iGaming academies?

We can see that the market is expanding very quickly, and some experts are aware of this. There is a staffing shortage in the iGaming industry, according to research done in 2018 by the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA). More than 700 positions for different online gambling specialists were open at the time, but only one in eight applicants was hired. This led to the emergence of iGaming academies, which offer programmes to aid in breaking into the sector. Individuals and entire businesses can receive training services from iGaming Academies. These programmes offer expert instruction on compliance matters and assist the organization in adhering to security and licensing laws. In an academy, you can receive complete training for a new career or for gaming.

Factors fostering the iGaming industry’s expansion

The iGaming industry is expanding and developing rapidly, as we have already stated. Additionally, it was influenced by world events.

American gambling is now permitted.

America started to gradually legalize gambling, which gave the sector a new boost and created new opportunities. While some states and individual cities are considering the possibility of legalizing online gambling, others continue to face a number of administrative challenges. For instance, two gambling industry regulation bills are being debated in California and three simultaneously in Florida. States like Kansas and Kentucky have attempted to enact gambling-related legislation, and Massachusetts and Missouri are thinking about doing the same. One of the biggest and most promising gambling markets in the world is the one in the United States. Although there is a lot of competition and pressure from the government on businesspeople, it also follows complicated and confusing rules.

Options for flexible licenses

This is one of the main benefits for casino owners and online operators. An online casino can be built for a lot less money than a physical one. Additionally, licenses for offshore casinos are frequently more lucrative.

You can get a gambling license in the following jurisdictions: Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, and Kahnawake. Numerous of these jurisdictions strike a balance between obligations, benefits, and demands.

Blockchain in the online gaming industry

The iGaming sector frequently uses cutting-edge technologies. As the first nation to legalize blockchain, Malta even refers to itself as a “blockchain island.” It creates new opportunities for iGaming businesses, Analysis of the company in the iGaming industry as they are now actively attracting cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO platforms, blockchain-based application developers, and many others. One of the most important topics in the White label casino industry in 2022, according to experts, is blockchain. Its main benefits are dependability and anonymity, which ensure that all financial transactions and personal information are as secure as possible. The blockchain is anticipated to have a significant impact on the entire gambling industry.

Company analysis in the iGaming sector

The international holding company DUXGroup, on the foundation of which authorized casino brands have been running successfully for a number of years, as well as the Chilli Partners affiliate programme, is one of the most intelligent players in the iGaming industry. In its five years of operation in the online gambling industry, DUXGroup has been successful in hiring and keeping 250 of the best experts in their respective fields, acquiring two offices in Malta and Cyprus, and developing its own DUXPlatform brand.

The market has more than recovered from the world crisis of 2020–2021, which saw many fiercely competitive businesses fail miserably. Today, you can find promising job openings like VIP Team Lead, Head of Payments, and VIP German Manager, as well as entry-level positions like Junior Affiliate Managers, on the holding’s website. This list of open positions attests to the holding’s ambitious plans, which could only have been realized on the solid foundation of projects that had been successfully carried out in previous years.

The company outright asserts that it is revolutionizing the iGaming sector. The success of this revolution will primarily depend on the individuals who work in the holding. provides its staff with the best tools to open up amazing career opportunities with high salaries.


The gaming sector is one that will always be relevant. The world’s gambling audience is only expanding, and the attitude toward it is solidifying year over year. Additionally, new technologies aid online casinos in growing and creating a more open and secure company. Working in the iGaming industry can be a great place to start and can help every good specialist realize their creative potential.